"The Floating Landscape" Full Movie

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Title : The Floating Landscape

Genre : Drama, Romance, Animation

Cast : Karena Lam (Maan), Ekin Cheng (Sam), Liu Ye (Lit), Huang Jue (Wu), Su Jin (Landlady Tung), Chan Wing-Chiu (Gallery manager), Keeley (Bride), Fiona Lee Fung-Mei (Bridesmaid), Middi Yau (Lady on the phone in hospital), Amy Lam (Funeral make-up artist)

Movie Plot : Maan has recently lost her lover, Sam, a painter who died tragically of an incurable disease. Before his death, he was remembering a beautiful landscape from the days when he was still a boy living in Qingdao in China. Maan goes to Qingdao to find this landscape. There, she meets Lit (Liu Ye), a postman who will help her to find that place. A relationship grows between Maan and Lit but she can't forget the love she had for Sam.

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