"One Hell of a Christmas" Full Movie

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Title : One Hell of a Christmas

Genre : Crime, Action, Comedy

Cast : David Bateson (Tommy), Erik Holmey (The Devil), Pat Kelman (Englishman), Thure Lindhardt (Mike), Zlatko Burić (Ibrahim), Tolo Montana (Carlitos), Maiken Gravlund (The Mother), Rickie Thorsberg (The Son), Claus P. Jensen (Cowboy Jack)

Movie Plot : "One Hell of a Christmas" is a dark and action packed comedy that takes place in a modern city as well as in a fearful underworld. When Carlitos is released after doing 2 years of "hard time", he attempts to redeem himself and sets an example for his 5 year-old son. However, when a friend confronts him with a very dark and horrifying scam for some quick dough and good times, he declines, but never the less he soon finds himself entangled in a web of sex, drugs and Christmas carols.

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