"Black and White" Full Movie

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Title : Black and White

Genre : Drama

Cast : Robert Carlyle (David O'Sullivan), Kerry Fox (Helen Devaney), Ben Mendelsohn (Rupert Murdoch), Charles Dance (Roderic Chamberlain), David Ngoombujarra (Young Max Stuart), Max Stuart (Old Max Stuart), Colin Friels (Father Tom Dixon), Rhys McConnochie (Justice Abbott)

Movie Plot : Australia, 1958. When a nine year old white girl is found murdered, police are quick to arrest illiterate Aborigine, Max Stuart. Under interrogation Max admits to the killing and signs a statement that will send him to the gallows. With no Court of Appeal established in the country, and with a legal system compromised by intimidation tactics and the stain of institutional racism, the skills of his two gifted but naive defense lawyers are put to the test. Based on a true story.

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