"Khan Asparukh - Part I - Phanagoria" Full Movie

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Title : Khan Asparukh - Part I - Phanagoria

Genre : Drama, History

Cast : Stoyko Peev (Khan Asparoukh), Antony Genov (Velizariy), Vassil Mihajlov (Khan Kubrat), Vania Tzvetkova (Pagane), Stefan Getsov (The High Priest of Tangra), Georgi Cherkelov (Velizariy's father), Iossif Surchadzhiev (Constantine IV), Mari Szür (Iv), Lora Kremen (Velizariy's mother), Đoko Rosić (The Icherguboil), Georgi Stoyanov ()

Movie Plot : The first part of the film trilogy about the events before creation of the Bulgarian state in the middle of the VII century. Volga Bulgaria is straining under the attacks of the Khazars. Following the testament of his father, the sons of Khan Kubrat looking for a new home for their tribes. The youngest of them - Asparukh, wander 20 years in search of "land forever" for his people and reaches the mouth of the Danube. The film is narrated by captured Byzantine chronicler Belisarius, which should Asparukh in his journeys. Byzantine witnessed the heroic efforts of the Bulgarians to win the land south of the Danube and to create their new country.

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