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Title : El profe

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family

Cast : Cantinflas (Prof. Sócrates García (as Cantinflas)), Marga López (Hortensia), Víctor Alcocer (Don Margarito Vázquez), Raúl Martínez (Pedro González (as Raul A. Martinez)), Eduardo MacGregor (Lucas Campuzano, presidente municipal), Luciano Hernández de la Vega (Padre Gonzalo), René Dupeyrón (Martín (as René Dupeyrón Unda)), Gerardo del Castillo (Don Zenaido (as Gerardo del Castillo Jr.)), Eduardo López Rojas (Espiridión Cascajo), Rogelio Gaona (Carmelo (as Rogelio Gaona Guerra)), León Barroso (Director de la escuela), Victor Sorel (Padre de Felipe), Arturo de Córdova (Señor Gobernador), Ramón Valdés (Papá de Martín), Angelines Fernández (Mamá de Martín), Juan Manuel González ((uncredited)), José Luis Caro (Profesor casado (uncredited)), Jorge Casanova (Profesor casado (uncredited)), Rubén Márquez (Profesor casado (uncredited)), Margarita Delgado (Doña Sara, mamá de Carmelo (uncredited)), José Dupeyrón (Esbirro de Zenaido (uncredited)), Regino Herrera (Pueblerino (uncredited)), Margarito Luna (Campesino con burro (uncredited)), Inés Murillo (Mamá de Fermín (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Mario Moreno portrays a professor in this movie. A small town in the middle of no where requests the school Mario Moreno is working in for a teacher. He ends up going to give the town a hand. When he arrives he comes to know the corrupt leaders who through out the movie try to make him leave. Although he is being harassed you can see how much he cares for the kids and their circumstances. He deals with problems by using his hilarious comments.

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