"Maximum Security" Full Movie

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Title : Maximum Security

Genre : Action

Cast : Paul Michael Robinson (Mace Richter), John Lazar (Murdock), Landon Hall (Tracy Quinn), Neil Delama (Stefan), J.C. Johnson (Chapel), Arthur Roberts (Warden Glover), Monique Parent (Katya), Michelle Bauer (Shana), Jay Richardson (Captain Hightower), Fred Olen Ray (Lieutenant Burke), Don Scribner (Patterson), Peter Spellos (Croaker), Richard Gabai (Caldwell), Kimberly A. Ray (Princess), Bob Bragg (Terrorist #1), Dan Golden (Terrorist #4), De'Ann Power (Wife), Paul Savage (Richard Trent)

Movie Plot : Terrorists infiltrate Innsmouth, a new maximum security prison, and inmate Mace Richter, a former police officer, is the only one who can foil their plans.

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