"Little Shots of Happiness" Full Movie

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Title : Little Shots of Happiness

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Bonnie Dickenson (Frances), Todd Verow (Frances' Husband), Linda Eknoian (Rita), Rita Gavelis (Kate), P.J. Marino (Brian), Castalia Jason (Frances' Sister), Leanne Whitney (Lisa), Bil Dwyer (Bill), Eric Sapp (Neurotic Man), Maureen Picard (Widow), Eric Roemele (John)

Movie Plot : An urban comedy of identity lost and found via sexual indiscretions, Frances is initially a bored 9-to-5-er. She comes to the much-prolonged decision to leave her mentally unstable husband and begins to live out of her office, unbeknownst to her co-workers. Each night she goes to a different nightclub or a bar in Boston and forces herself out of her protected prim existence by meeting and picking up different men. Through exploring different persona's and what she is capable of, she hopes to find herself.

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