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Title : First Option

Genre : Action, Drama

Cast : Michael Wong (Officer Don Wong), Gigi Leung (Inspector Minnie Kwan), Damian Lau (Inspector Lau), Lee Fung (Madam Katie Ngan), Kathy Chow (Sue), Joseph Cheung Man-Kwong (Joe Chueng), Kim Yip (Forensics tech), Stephen Chan Tak-Gwong (Insp. Lau), Woo Wai-Chung (Thai crack dealer), Go Shut-Fung (Thai crack dealer), Winston G. Ellis (Vincent), Brian Banowetz (Albert), Richard Grosse (Rick), Luk Man-Wai (Frankie, SDU member)

Movie Plot : Despite negative psychological evaluations, Mike Wong is assigned as the captain of the SDU, a special task force linked to the Customs Department. Their mission: apprehend nasty drug dealers, led by the “Ice Queen.” To do this, Mike has to team up with customs cop Minnie. Despite their clashes, the two learn to understand each other, but not before things get bad.

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