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Title : The Last Lieutenant

Genre :

Cast : Espen Skjønberg (Thor Espedal), Lars Andreas Larssen (Bjelland), Gard B. Eidsvold (Merstad), Bjørn Sundquist (Krogh), Morten Faldaas (Audun), Ove Christian Owe (Ingolf), Bjarne Thomsen (Bjarne), Rut Tellefsen (Anna), Camilla Strøm Henriksen (Ebba), Bjørn Floberg (Kerlow), Nils Ole Oftebro (Col. Paulsen), Knut Haugmark (Knut), Johannes Eckhoff (Deaf man), Børre Werner (Factory owner), Kjell Erik Killi Olsen (Depot manager), Erik Øksnes (Asbjørn), Siri Rom (Rønnaug), Alexander Mørk Eidem (Berge), Harald Eia (), Åsleik Engmark (), Bjarte Hjelmeland (), Turid Balke (), Gisken Armand ()

Movie Plot : Norwegian war drama. The old sea-captain retires, but the next day German WWII occupation of Norway begins. He then kisses his wife good-bye and is off to Army HQ. There he finds a lack of leadership and morale that offends him. They even laugh at him and his out-dated uniform and officer-rank. Secondloitnanten then finds and leads his private troop of volunteers against the German attack. The movie tells the story of a man that refuses to give up, even when everybody else leaves. He will fight for the country he loves and do his duty.

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