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Title : Golden Swallow

Genre : Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Action, Romance

Cast : Cherie Chung (Siu Suet), Anthony Wong Yiu-Ming (Scholar Lo Chi Chau), Norman Chu (Fung King Tin), Ivy Ling Po (Old Lady), Richard Ng (Right Sword), Eric Tsang (Left Sword), Lam Fai-Wong (Bandit), Fung Ging-Man (Pimp)

Movie Plot : A poor scholar named Lo Chih-Chiu, played by Anthony Wong Yiu-Ming, rescues a swallow from three mischievous boys, and frees the bird afterward. The bird then magically takes the form of a beautiful lady named Hsiao-Hseuh, played by Cherie Chung, who falls in love with the scholar because he had saved her life. She returns the deed by rescuing him from a ruthless band of warlords. She and her sister, Hsiao-Shang, are both originally swallows, but can change into human forms due to witchcraft and wizardry. Hsiao-Hseuh later confronts Chih-Chiu, and later reveals she is a servant of an evil witch queen, who feeds on human blood. When the witch discovers their friendship and bond, she was on the verge of destroying him, but Hsiao-Hseuh pleads for his life in exchange for their separation. After being back in the custody of the witch queen, Hsiao-Hseuh sneaks out and reunites with Chih-Chiu, but posing as a different person to hide her identity.

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