"Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu" Full Movie

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Title : Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu

Genre : Action

Cast : Bruce Le (Lee Ching Lung), Chan Sing (Ching Ling's master), James Nam Gung-Fan (Master Po Sai Lam), Kim Chung-ran (Shu Shang), Chiang Tao (Japanese thug leader), Bolo Yeung (Lam Chi Chu), Bruce Cheung Mong (Alaka), Lee Hang (Lee Yu Lam), Nick Cheung Lik (Kang Jin), Choi Sung-Kyu (Japanese thug), Kim Ki-bum (Captain Wang), Bae Su-chun (General Yae Ho)

Movie Plot : Japanese forces in Shanghai attempt to destroy the patriotic spirit of the Chinese by closing down all Kung Fu gyms. Chang Ling (Bruce Le), a top Chinese Kung Fu practitioner, is forced to flee to Korea. The Japanese forces pursue him there, and so Chang Ling fights back, defeating many Japanese fighters before finally encountering the Japanese commander.

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