"Three Tough Guys" Full Movie

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Title : Three Tough Guys

Genre : Crime, Action

Cast : Lino Ventura (Father Charlie), Isaac Hayes (Lee), Fred Williamson (Joe Snake), Paula Kelly (Fay), William Berger (Captain Ryan), Vittorio Sanipoli (Mike Petralia), Lorella De Luca (Anne Lombardo), Mario Erpichini (Gene Lombardo), Luciano Salce (The Bishop), Jess Hahn (The Bartender), Jacques Herlin (Barfly), Thurman Scott (Tony), Guido Leontini (Sergeant Sam), Romano Puppo (Hood), Joel Cory (Cammioneur), Dutchell Smith (Pieton), Ira Rogers (Lou), Margot Novick (Prostitute), Tommy Brubaker (Hood), Buddy Stein (Taxi driver)

Movie Plot : Isaac Hayes plays as Lee in his feature film debut, as Father Charlie and himself solve a bank robbery mystery that stretches across the city. After Lee is removed from the force due to $1,000,000 being stolen from the bank Father Charlie helps him to gain revenge for the loss of one of his friends.

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