"The Skyhawk" Full Movie

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Title : The Skyhawk

Genre : Action

Cast : Kwan Tak-Hing (Wong Fei Hung), Nora Miao (Hsiang Lan), Chiu Hung (Ku), Carter Wong (Leo), Hwang In-Shik (Renegade Master), Sammo Hung (Fei Fei), Lily Chen Ching (), Lee Kwan (Wei Min), Cheung Ging-Boh (), Kim Ki-Ju (), Sze-Ma Wah-Lung (), Hung Sing-Chung (), Yau Lung (Factory worker), Wilson Tong (Renegade Master's student)

Movie Plot : When Huang Fei Hung, a boxer from Guangdong, and his student Fatty go to Thailand to visit his friend Chu Kwai, they come across Little Lion, who was wounded by Kwok, an evil drill master of a martial arts school. They save him and bring him with them to Chu's house. Koo Chung Mo, the local tyrant, attempts to monopolize the carrying service at the pier. But he fails even he instigates his men to make trouble among Chu's porters. Huang stays in Chiu's home when he accepts Little Lion as his student. As Koo doesn't take his defeat lying down, he tricks one of Chu's men Siu Tung into double-crossing Chu. What's more, he hires Kwok to tackle Chu and Huang. When Chu finds he smuggling drugs, he killed Chu while Fatty also has to die. After forcing Siu Tung to tell the truth, Huang decides to report it to the police, while Koo, along with his men, besiege them, attempting to eliminate them all. By fighting against the tyrant wittily and bravely, Huang and his men finally win.

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