"Sunset Murder Case" Full Movie

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Title : Sunset Murder Case

Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery

Cast : Sally Rand (Kathy O'Connor), Esther Muir (Lora Wynne), Vince Barnett (Barney), Paul Sutton (Bapti Stephani), Lona Andre (Nita Madera), Mary Brodel (Jane Baird), George Douglas (Carlo Rossmore), Reed Hadley (Oliver Helton), Kathryn Kane (Penny Nichols), Dennis Moore (Lou Fleming), Frank O'Connor (Detective Sgt. Tom O'Connor), Stanley Price (Eric Martin), Bruce Mitchell (Everett), Lester Dorr (Editor), Pete Gordon (Rankin), Monte Carter (Staufer), Bill Duray (Intern), Brooks Benedict (Minor Role), Jean Carmen (Chorus Girl), Henry King (Band leader)

Movie Plot : A nightclub dancer (Sally Rand) seeks vengeance for the murder of her father.

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