"Eternally Yours" Full Movie

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Title : Eternally Yours

Genre : Drama, Comedy, Romance

Cast : Loretta Young (Anita Halstead), David Niven (Tony aka The Great Arturo), Billie Burke (Aunt Abby), C. Aubrey Smith (Gramps aka Bishop Peabody), Zasu Pitts (Mrs. Cary Bingham), Broderick Crawford (Don Burns), Eve Arden (Gloria), Hugh Herbert (Benton), Raymond Walburn (Mr. Harley Bingham), Virginia Field (Lola De Vere), Ralph Graves (Mr. Morrisey), Lionel Pape (Mr. Howard), Fred Keating (Master of Ceremonies), Richard Allen (Detective), Granville Bates (Ship Captain), May Beatty (Dowager), Hillary Brooke (Blonde on Stage), George Cathrey (Officer), Patti Davis (British Pilot), Mary Field (Peabody's Housekeeper), Bess Flowers (Nightclub Extra), Tay Garnett (Pilot), Jack Green (Detective), Larry Harris (Boy Boxer), Al Hill (Heckler), Leyland Hodgson (Captain Vickers), Arthur Stuart Hull (Audience Extra), Dickie Jackson (Boy Boxer), Walter James (Police Official), Frank Jaquet (Doctor), Paul Le Paul (Butler), Ralph McCullough (Ship's Officer), Doreen McKay (Girl at Shower), Dennie Moore (Waitress), Edmund Mortimer (Nightclub Extra), Ralph Norwood (Waiter), William H. O'Brien (Nightclub Waiter), Broderick O'Farrell (Ship's Officer), Franklin Parker (Croupier), Claude Payton (Scotland Yard Man), Jack Perrin (Ship's Officer), Walter Sande (Ralph, Gloria's Husband), Edwin Stanley (Reno Lawyer Jones), Larry Steers (Nightclub Extra), Eleanor Stewart (Girl at Shower), Patricia Stillman (Girl at Shower), Luana Walters (Girl at Shower), Billy Wayne (Stage Manager), Douglas Wood (Phillips), Evelyn Woodbury (Girl at Shower), John Rice (Scotland Yard Man)

Movie Plot : Anita, engaged to solid Don Barnes, is swept off her feet by magician Arturo. Before you can say presto, she's his wife and stage assistant on a lengthy world tour. But Anita is annoyed by Arturo's constant flirtations, and his death-defying stunts give her nightmares. And forget her plan to retire to a farmhouse. Eventually, she has had enough and disappears.

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