"Hearts in Bondage" Full Movie

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Title : Hearts in Bondage

Genre : Drama, History

Cast : James Dunn (Lt. Kenneth Reynolds), Mae Clarke (Constance Jordan), David Manners (Raymond Jordan), Charlotte Henry (Julie Buchanan), Henry B. Walthall (Capt. Buchanan), Fritz Leiber (Capt. John Ericsson), George Irving (Commodore Jordan), Smiley Burnette (Rammer)

Movie Plot : Best friends Kenneth Reynolds and Raymond Jordan are U.S. Navy officers, and Kenneth is engaged to Raymond's sister. But the eruption of the Civil War divides them, as Raymond stands by his native Virginia while Kenneth remains on duty as a Northern officer. Kenneth's uncle, John Ericsson, designs a new kind of ship, an ironclad he calls the Monitor. Eventually the war pits Kenneth, on board the Monitor, against his friend Raymond, serving aboard the South's own ironclad, the Merrimac (as it is called here). A naval battle ensues, one that will go down in history.

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