"The Gilded Lily" Full Movie

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Title : The Gilded Lily

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Cast : Claudette Colbert (Marilyn David), Fred MacMurray (Peter Dawes), Ray Milland (Charles Gray), C. Aubrey Smith (Lloyd Granton), Luis Alberni (Nate Porcopolis), Eddie Craven (Eddie), Donald Meek (Hankerson), Charles Irwin (Oscar), Forrester Harvey (Hugo / Innkeeper), Grace Bradley (Daisy), Claude King (Boat Captain), Charles C. Wilson (Managing Editor), Edward Gargan (Subway Guard), Pat Somerset (Man in London Club), Georgie Billings (Guard's Son), Warren Hymer (Taxi Driver), Eddie Borden (Photographer), Leonid Kinskey (Vocal Teacher (uncredited)), Bert Moorhouse (Nightclub Extra (uncredited)), Dennis O'Keefe (Nightclub Extra (uncredited)), Mark Strong (Neighbor (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Secretary Marilyn "Lynn" David falls in love with British aristocrat Charles Gray Granville, to the dismay of her best friend, reporter Pete Dawes, who secretly loves her. When Pete learns that the already-engaged Gray has hurt Lynn, he fabricates an article casting her as "No Girl," who refused to marry a callous aristocrat. But when the publicity brings Lynn unexpected fame, and Gray returns, she is forced to choose between the two men.

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