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Title : Captured!

Genre : Drama, Romance, War

Cast : Leslie Howard (Captain Fred Allison), Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (Lieutenant Fred Digby), Paul Lukas (Colonel Carl Ehrlich), Margaret Lindsay (Monica Allison), Robert Barrat (The Commandant), Arthur Hohl (Cocky), John Bleifer (Strogin), William LeMaire (Tex Martin), J. Carrol Naish (Cpl. Guarand), Philip Faversham (Lieutenant Haversham), Frank Reicher (Herr Hauptman), Joyce Coad (Elsa), Bert Sprotte (Sergeant Major), Harry Cording (First Orderly), Halliwell Hobbes (British Major General)

Movie Plot : While waiting out World War I in a German POW camp, Captain Fred Allison discovers that his oldest and dearest friend Digby has also been captured and put into the same camp with him. Fred longs for news of his wife, Monica, but Digby speaks little of her. Digby knows a secret about Monica, a secret he must keep from his friend, and it wears at his conscience so much that he attempts a reckless escape.

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